Factoid Friday

Posted on January 22nd, 2012 by

This photo is of students square dancing. The Square Dance during First-Year Orientation has been a tradition since 1972. The legend of the Gustie Square dance says that you will marry the person you dance with. How many of you out here actually married your square dance partner? Answer below!



  1. Nathan Lee says:

    Ironically, I skipped out of the square dance, but my high-school-senior brother came to see me that night, went looking for me at the dance, and a “crazy” freshman girl dragged him out of the crowd to get out and dance. He was happy to “escape”. I am the one who married that girl (18.5 years ago), and we only found out about this fun coincidence only about 6 years ago when comparing early stories!! So, in our case the Legend took a twisted path to becoming true. We still get a great laugh out of that story when we re-tell it…

  2. Vikki (Larson) and Steve Davis, '96 says:

    We’re not positive we danced together, but we definitely met at the square dance (introduced by our future maid of honor). We dated all through GAC, married three weeks after graduation, and still happily married almost 16 years later.

  3. patrick fitzgerald says:

    The legend of the Gustie Sq. dance says that you’ll marry the person you dance with. nice blog, great article