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Tuesday Trivia

You read it in the New Student Orientation schedule and could not believe it, yet you showed up that night with your roommate and it was true: the Gustie Greeters were hosting a square dance. The Square Dance during New Student Orientation is supposedly were you meet your significant other (did you?). Do you know […]

Blast from the Past

Here we have conjured up a photo from the days of big hair. Here are Christina Enger ’95, Jessica (Roth) Braun ’96, Jennifer (Noer) Bair ’95 and Kirstin (Ferg) Schultz ’95 enjoying the TMT Sorority Banquet in 1992.

View from the Hill

At Gustavus, participating in music, dance, and theatre can just be a interest or even a major.¬† Students¬† Kendra Mays ’09, Shannon Johnson ’09, and Maura Coonen ’09 watch Professor Michelle Rusinko in a 2009 ballet class.

Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

What was a favorite theater or dance performance you saw during your time at Gustavus? (Include the year you saw or performed in it!)

Blast from the Past

Two Gustavus Dancers perform in this undated photograph.

Factoid Friday

This photo is of students square dancing. The Square Dance during First-Year Orientation has been a tradition since 1972. The legend of the Gustie Square dance says that you will marry the person you dance with. How many of you out here actually married your square dance partner? Answer below!