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Factoid Friday

Snowball fight, circa 1940 Where might one find some other awesome photos and facts like the one above? Visit the College Archives at https://gustavus.edu/library/archives/.

View from the Hill

Friendly competition… Free T-Shirts… Fierce Battles… It must be intramurals. Gusties have enjoyed playing games against one another since the college’s inception, and intramural sports have grown to include such sports as broomball, indoor soccer, basketball, racquetball, softball, dodgeball, and volleyball. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) now also puts on the Gustie Cup, where teams […]

Blast from the Past!

What is the most logical thing to do when there is plenty of snow on the ground and you live atop a hill? Students at Gustavus have taken it upon themselves to find the many different ways  to get down the hill over the years including, tobogganing, sledding, skiing, snowboarding and of course ‘stealing’ caf […]

Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

Please answer your question below!     What is your favorite winter-time memory of your time on the hill?

View from the Hill!

All of us at Gustavus are wishing you the very happiest Holiday Season! It is too bad we do not have this much snow now!

Words of Wisdom

“Sensibly, and somewhat forcibly, the seasonal atmosphere at Gustavus has remained much as tradition would have it. While final exams loom ominously in the near future, students have little time to concern themselves with Christmas until that last final is finished. But still, the campus is not ignoring the holiday spirit. Dorm decorations are springing […]

Blast from the Past!

1975 Broomball Intramural Champions!