Words of Wisdom

Posted on December 21st, 2011 by

“Sensibly, and somewhat forcibly, the seasonal atmosphere at Gustavus has remained much as tradition would have it. While final exams loom ominously in the near future, students have little time to concern themselves with Christmas until that last final is finished. But still, the campus is not ignoring the holiday spirit. Dorm decorations are springing up here and there; Christmas trees grace the union; the annual smorgasbord lends tastefully to the spirit of things; the Carol Service is performed again; the Chapel is beautifully decorated with a natural air; the advent sermons remind us of the real meaning of Christmas. The traditional atmosphere reeks of Christmas, but without commercialization. Everyone can enjoy the Christmas season as it ought to be.” Editorial from the Gustavian Weekly, December 11, 1964


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