Words of Wisdom: Gustie Lingo Edition Posted on January 11th, 2012 by

3 Flags- The three flags on Eckman Mall by the C. Charles Jackson Campus Center (The American Flag, Minnesota Flag and the Gustavus Flag), a common meeting place for group get-togethers and outings. There are also three flags in front of Lund Center, but they are generally the wrong three three flags!

Book Mark- On-campus bookstore in the lower level of the campus center, has all the Gustie gear you will ever want or need.

Chapel – Refers not only to the building, but often in everyday lingo it means the 10 a.m. service that occurs Monday-Friday. No classes are held from 10–10:20 a.m. Either students  go to Chapel… or to go grab breakfast.

Complex- North, Sorenson and Gibbs (formerly known as Link)  residence halls.

Nobel- Could refer to either the Nobel Hall of Science or the Nobel Conference®.



  1. Megan Myhre says:

    “Patty’s” is also a key word for Gustie Lingo!

  2. Heather Krause says:

    I can’t believe you don’ have the ‘brar on there!

  3. Hey Heather! Thanks for commenting! Every Wednesday is “Words of Wisdom” Wednesday on this blog, so please keep checking back for more fun quotes and phrases about everything Gustie! You can visit http://150.blog.gustavus.edu/category/wednesday/ to see some more Wednesday past postings!

    And I would never forget “Brar.” So, stay tuned!!

  4. Mary Dierkes says:

    The Rock, Echo Circle CoEd, CinCC

  5. Audrey Neal says:

    the caf! so simple yet some people really didn’t understand that it was short for “cafeteria”….

    also, co-ed, because it’s weird hearing people say “norelius!” 🙂

  6. Sean Tessmer says:

    So much Gustie lingo. Rundy/Funstrom. Play-term. Syllabus Eve. South Side.