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Tuesday Trivia: Answered!

  Name this Gustie! This is a name of a building most Gusties walk in every day. He was also a beloved “Prexy.” He is Oscar J. “OJ” Johnson, the seventh president of Gustavus.

Tuesday Trivia

Name this Gustie! This is a name of a building most Gusties walk in every day. He was a beloved “Prexy.” Is he: A. Charles Jackson B. Oscar J. “OJ” Johnson C. Russell Lund D. Edgar Carlson

Blast from the Past!

  This is a fun picture featuring “collegian entertainers” at Gustavus. How fun!

Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

Please answer the question below! What is your favorite place on campus and why?

Factoid Friday

Did you know that Vasa, the name of a Gustavus wind orchestra has multiple historical connections. Vasa was the name of the Swedish Royal Family from 1523-1668 (and Poland from 1587-1668). This Royal Family included Gustav II Adolf, the College namesake. Vasa is also a township in Goodhue County where Eric Norelius was a pastor […]

View from the Hill

The Peer Assistants are in! Kristen Mummert ’09 and Ali Chorley ’08 are hanging out in the Peer Assistants Office which is located in the basement of the Jackson Campus Center. The Peer Assistants are a group of students who promote healthy lifestyles including raising awareness about alcohol, drug and tobacco use and sexuality. They’re […]

Words of Wisdom

“Wherever you go after Gustavus, to the gaping jaws of the big-city life in Minneapolis or St. Paul, to a university, or to the remotest part of Central America, live deliberately. We only get one life-term.” Eric Boyum ’06 Weekly December 5, 2003

Tuesday Trivia: Answered!

In what year was Olin Hall completed? C. 1991

Tuesday Trivia

This week’s question: In what year was Olin Hall completed? A. 1971 B. 1978 C. 1991 D. 1999 The answer will be posted at 6:00 p.m. CST

Blast from the Past

The first music tour took place in 1881 when members of the Gustavus Band took wagons and trains back to East Union to perform! This photograph catches Gustavus Choir members who were loading up the bus and getting ready to go on tour in 1939. The students boarding the bus are  Eunice (Knock) Kronberg ’39, […]