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GUSTIE LINGO:      (secular language known by Gusties…)

Beach- The Beach used to be between the field house (basketball court) and the Annex classrooms just to the west of the North-Sorenson-Gibbs (formerly Link) Complex.  It was a great area with no wind where sun bathing could start by March.

POs – Post Office Boxes, where students receive mail.

Ring Road – The road that circles campus, now officially called Campus Drive.

The Caf – The Evelyn Young Dining Room, is the campus wide cafeteria. This is the place where students enjoy some of the best campus food in the country (consistently ranked in the top 20 for all Dining Services by the Princeton Review).

The Grib- A Gustavus directory was first published in the 1950’s as the “Gustie Directory.” After a major reformatting for the 1966-1967 school year, the directory was re-branded as “The Gribly” and was published every year up to the 2005-2006 school year. The Gribly, is now online and remains a campus directory (with photographs) where you can find out housing information and e-mail addresses for students and staff. Think about the Grib as the precursor to Facebook.  The verb form of this word is “Gribbing” “Grib-lurking” “Grib Shopping” “Grib-stalk” etc…

The Couches – when you tell someone that “Hey I’ll meet you at the couches” it means to meet outside the Evelyn Young Dining Room.


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