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View from the Hill

You know it’s a great day to be a Gustie when the Caf serves a current student favorite…Frost-Your-Owns. It can get students to attend any meeting or do almost any task.  It is simply a sugar cookie that students can frost with the color and sprinkles of their choice.

Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

What was your favorite menu item from the Gustavus Dining Service (the caf)?

Words Of Wisdom

GUSTIE LINGO:      (secular language known by Gusties…) Beach- The Beach used to be between the field house (basketball court) and the Annex classrooms just to the west of the North-Sorenson-Gibbs (formerly Link) Complex.  It was a great area with no wind where sun bathing could start by March. POs – Post Office Boxes, where students […]