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Words of Wisdom

“Successful assimilation into the Gustavus community requires the acquisition of many new skills. On the academic level, the freshman, confronted with responsibility for his own free time, must perfect the skill of time allotment. Similarly, now that Mom and Dad aren’t around to awaken the new college student on Sunday morning, he must discover for […]

Tuesday Trivia: Answered!

Do you know what year the first square dance for Orientation was held? C.1972

Tuesday Trivia

You read it in the New Student Orientation schedule and could not believe it, yet you showed up that night with your roommate and it was true: the Gustie Greeters were hosting a square dance. The Square Dance during New Student Orientation is supposedly were you meet your significant other (did you?). Do you know […]

Blast from the Past

Your family’s vehicle just turned off Highway 169 onto College Avenue for the trek up the hill. You’re nervous. Your hands are clammy. Your dad keeps reminiscing on mildly embarrassing stories of your childhood, that you are praying he doesn’t say out load when your new roommate is around. Your mother is running over the […]