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Factoid Friday

By 1915 there were five social societies for men and four for women. They grew from “secret” literary societies, and debating groups which eventually adopted Greek letters to become fraternities and sororities in the mid-1920s.  

Tuesday Trivia: Answered!

A 4-1-4 calendar is two semesters in which students take a full academic load of four classes and a January Term month sandwiched in between, which gave students a chance to take one innovative or focused class or to travel. What year did Gustavus switched to a 4-1-4 calendar? Did this system begin at Gustavus […]

Factoid Friday

Did you know how many Gusties are out there? Throughout our 150-year history, over 41,750+ students have lived and learned at Gustavus.

Factoid Friday!

Did you know… in the 1890s, Monday was observed as the weekly holiday on campus (instead of Saturday). The goal was to discourage studying on Sundays, which was reserved for for religious observation. This changed during the OJ Johnson Administration in first part of the 20th century.

Tuesday Trivia

This week’s Tuesday Trivia question: How much money did his congregation appropriate so that Pastor Eric Norelius could start a parochial school at his church? A. $20 B. $100 C. $1200 D. $3000 The answer will be posted at 6:00pm CST  

Blast from the Past!

This is a picture of Gustavus founder, Eric Norelius, and his wife, Inga Charlotta, in 1855. Pastor Norelius started the first semester in 1862 with one student. Do you think they could have ever imaged the college that now educates over 2,300 students each year?