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Tuesday Trivia: Answered!

  Added to  Vickner Hall in 1991, Confer Hall is an academic building named for a past Gustavus Board of Trustees chair. What is the full name of Confer Hall? B. Ogden P. Confer Hall

Factoid Friday

Did you know… There have been over 390 dedicated individuals in the course of 150 years who have served on the Gustavus Board of Trustees (including in “ex officio” capacity). This is an undated photo of a Board meeting. Thank you for your guidance and service to our college!

Blast from the Past!

Below are the programs and invitations for the dedication of the Carlson Administration Building on December 9, 1973. For more fun artifacts like these and others, visit the Photo Gallery on the Sesquicentennial website or visit the College Archives.