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Factoid Friday!

Did you know…. Gustavus has taught men and women from the very beginning. From the first year of the school’s existence in 1862-63, at Eric Norelius’ church in Red Wing the school has been co-educational. That is 20 years before any other Augustana Synod-sponsored school could be called the same!

View from the Hill

Gusties will shine! Fans cheer after a big play at a 2009 football game. GO GUSTIES!  

Words of Wisdom

“Your personal perfect Mystery Date can be found easily by ruffling through the well-worn pages of your Grib and taking finger stabs at the pictures (eyes closed now). Your perfect date will always be the tenth finger stab—or eleventh, or sixth…If your choice ends up to be an inappropriate faculty member, please try again.”                                                                         […]

Sunday Funday Gustie Thoughts

Tell us what you think by posting your comments below. Remember to write in your class year!   What was your first class at Gustavus? If you can’t remember, what was one of your first classes that first year? (Remember to include the name of the professor and year!)

Tuesday Trivia: Answered!

How much money did his congregation appropriate so that Pastor Eric Norelius could start a parochial school at his church? A. $20      

Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

Tell us what you think by posting your comments below! Remember to write in your class year! This week’s Sunday-Funday Gustie question is:   Why did you choose to go to Gustavus?

Why I Love Gustavus!

Here is why Tori Lund ’11 loves Gustavus!   Tori Lund \’11


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