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Sesquicentennial Year Daily Trivia

  Each day during the Sesquicentennial a new fun fact, story, photo, quote, or trivia question was posted to this Sesquicentennial Blog.  Review all the postings or search for favorite people and places.

Words of Wisdom

Gustavus President Edward A. Lindell said his idea of an ideal college was one in which “everything is second to academic excellence… and Gustavus is well on its way to academic superiority.” Unknown, Gustavian Weekly September 19, 1975

Blast from the Past!

An image that captures the construction of Christ Chapel at Gustavus in 1961.

Words of Wisdom

Where you worked, and played. Made friends and had the time of your life. A man literally walks through his years at G.A.-in autumn and spring to class, or to a show with time out here and there for a song or a girl, and with hopes of assorted types sustaining him. To learn, to […]

Gustie Fridays!

Come celebrate GUSTIE FRIDAYS! Gusties all over the world are donning their “Gustie Gear” on Friday’s during the Sesquicentennial.From hats to 50-year club pins, to hockey jerseys and polos, Gusties show their pride by wearing black and gold! This is Teige Cudahy ’13 celebrating “Gustie Friday” at Hassan Tower in Rabat, Morocco. Share your Gustie […]

Blast from the Past!!

  This picture captures four friends doing their homework and grabbing a sandwich on the hill in 1916-20. However, it looks like they are doing more laughing than studying to us!

View from the Hill

     Rather, this is a view up the hill of the college in the first part of the 20th century.

Tuesday Trivia

  Name this Gustie! Drafted in the 6th round of the 1985 NFL Draft, he played for Dallas, Green Bay, Buffalo, and Minnesota. Is he…. A. Tom Harmon B. Kurt Ploeger C. Earl Witte D. Lloyd Parsons The answer will be posted at 6:00P.M. CST

Blast from the Past!

This is a photo of the Gustavus Band from the 1904. Gustavus organized its first  instrument group in the late 1870s, followed by the first orchestra in the 1880s.

Factoid Friday!

Did you know… the first floor of Old Main is approximately 922 feet above sea level?