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Fraternities at Gustavus grew out of secret societies and literary groups, much like their female counterparts. Currently, the Greek community at Gustavus is involved with philanthropic fundraising events, community service, and peer support. Gustavus has been home to 15 fraternities throughout history.

The 1923-24 Omega Kappa Fraternity.

Alpha Phi Alpha―founded in 1995 with hopes of being a nationally affiliated African-American fraternity; disbanded soon thereafter as they did not get their national charter.

Chi Iota Kappa―founded in 1907 as a forensics society called the Chieftain Council; renamed in 1924 but still nicknamed “The Chieftains”; inactive after 2001.

Epsilon Delta Sigma―founded in 1916 as the Euphronian Society; short-lived after many members moved to Nu Upsilion Gamma in 1920 and college officials deemed that a student could belong to only one limited-membership society.

Epsilon Pi Alpha―founded in 1928; known as the “Eppies”; still active today.

Gamma Phi Omega―founded in 1948; inactive in the late 1980s but reorganized as a coed group in 1994; inactive after 2000; known as the “Gammas.”

Kappa Alpha Psi―founded in 1975 as an internationally affiliated African American fraternity; inactive after 1978.

Kappa Sigma Chi―founded in 1914 as the Clionian Debating Society; renamed in 1920; inactive after 2002; known as the “Sons of Clio” or the “Kappa Sigs” or just “Sigs.”

Nu Upsilon Gamma―founded in 1910 as a secret society; known as “The Greys” and was founded in rivalry to “The Reds”; renamed in 1920 as a Greek fraternity; periodically went inactive in the 1990s and was reorganized in 2001; still active on campus today.

Omega Kappa―founded in 1906 as the Olympian Council a debating society; reorganized as Greek in 1922; known as the “OKs” they went inactive after 2006.

Phi Alpha―founded in 1908 as the Philolexian Assembly of parliamentary and debating group; renamed in 1927; known as the “Alphs” and are active today.

Psi Kappa Chi―founded in 1983;known as the “Kappas”; inactive around 2007.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon―founded in 2007; nationally affiliated and were chartered in 2009; still active today; known as “SAE.”

The “Grey’s” in a 1962 Homecoming Parade.

Tau Kappa― founded in 1967; known as the “TKs” and were inactive after 1970.

Tau Psi Omega― founded in 1904 as a secret society called Turbescon; nicknamed the “T.C.O.S.” or the “Reds”; recognized as a fraternity in 1920; still active today.

Tau Sigma Theta― founded ca. 1929 as a science society; inactive after 1935.



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