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Tuesday Trivia

How well do you know your campus landmarks and when certain buildings were built/decommissioned? Can you guess what decade this aerial photograph was taken? A.) 1920s B.) 1930s C.) 1940s D.) 1950s   The answer will be posted at 6:00 p.m. CST.

Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

Please answer the question below! How did you feel as you were packing to leave home to come to college at Gustavus?

Factoid Friday

  Did you know… that in 1905, the Augustana Synod (forerunner of the ELCA) banned intercollegiate athletic competition from its colleges. One year before, in 1904, President Mattson had enforced a ban on athletics at Gustavus. These rulings were met with fierce opposition. After many years of student protest, the Synod reinstated athletics in 1910. […]

View from the Hill

Japanese exchange students from Kansai University enjoy lunch outside of Uhler Hall in 1975. Gustavus and Kansai University (located in Osaka, Japan) have a long-standing exchange program and friendship that continues today.

Words of Wisdom

  “We do not expect that you shall be saints, but we do surely not expect to find in you those who work all the mischief they can.  So you must not expect the school to be a habitation of angels, nor a place where you can act and live as you please, because you […]

Tuesday Trivia: Answered!

Who was the first graduate of Gustavus to serve as college president?   E. Matthias Wahlstrom. The Rev. Wahlstrom completed his coursework at St. Ansgars in the late 1860s. The Rev. Dr. Peter Mattson was the first alum with an actual degree from Gustavus Adolphus College. He was a member of the class of 1892. […]

Tuesday Trivia

Who was the first graduate of Gustavus to serve as college president? Was it: A. Walter Lunden B.  Edgar Carlson C. James Peterson D. Peter Mattson E. Matthias Wahlstrom   The answer to this week’s trivia question will be posted at 6:00 p.m. CST.

Blast from the Past!

These folks are moving books from the first Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library (renamed the Anderson Social Science Center) to the second (and current) Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library in 1972.

Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

Please share your memories below!   If you could go back and relive anything from your time at Gustavus, what would you relive?