Words of Wisdom: Gustie Lingo Edition

Posted on August 29th, 2012 by

Two new Gusties pose at the Gustavus sign, 1962.

CAB- Campus Activities Board, is the student-run organizers of many exciting activities at Gustavus, including Homecoming, concerts (big and small), guest speakers, and the weekly campus movie.

CF- Collegiate Fellow, a built-in mentor and friend who live in the residence halls, supervise activities, and resolve conflicts between students. Similar to what other schools call “R.A.s” (Resident Advisor’s/Assistant’s).

C in CC- Christmas in Christ Chapel, annual Christmas worship service that takes place in Christ Chapel in December. The students participants are usually busy this time of year to actually pronounce Christmas in Christ Chapel in full, so saying “I’m going to C in CC practice” just makes it easier for them.

“Frosh”: For many years, freshmen wore green caps and were referred to as “Frosh.” The green hats (or “beanies”) that they wore and even the word have fallen out of tradition.

7-mile- The county park on Highway 169 between St. Peter and Mankato, has several miles of hiking trails. Students often visit for picnics or campfires.


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