Blast from the Past Posted on August 27th, 2012 by

Here are the Greeters from the Freshman Move in Day 1998. Allison Berry ’99, Molly (Walsh) Christianson ’99, Tom McHugh ’99, Jaimie (Tabako) Oakden ’99, Phil Eidsvold ’99, Jen (Chalgren) Pederson ’99, and Joe Kellner ’99.

Your family’s vehicle just turned off Highway 169 onto College Avenue for the trek up the hill. You’re nervous. Your hands are clammy. Your dad keeps reminiscing on mildly embarrassing stories of your childhood, that you are praying he doesn’t say out load when your new roommate is around. Your mother is running over the list of things you will need, but you have already packed them, and double checked that they were there. And then you hear them. A bunch of college students doing this chant at the peak of loudness you only thought dogs or bats could hear. And horrors, a large lion has opened your car door, grabbed you out of the car, and you are now getting hugged by the lion and your photo is being taken. Who are they? They are the upperclassmen new student orientation leaders the Gustie Greeters, ready to help you assimilate into your college home… but did they have to pull you out of the car to do so?



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