Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

Posted on August 12th, 2012 by

Please share your memories below!


If you could go back and relive anything from your time at Gustavus, what would you relive?



  1. Meghan Stromme says:

    I would definitely want to relive Orientation day festivities. It was so fun meeting new people and just enjoying Gustavus before the older students got there.

    And Senior Week because it was the exact opposite: Seniors had the rule of the school and there were so many fun activities going on!

  2. Gerard Saylor says:

    Concerning appropriate topics:
    1) Try out different classes in different disciplines. Some of the best classes I had were outside my major.
    2) Say “yes” to trying out new things and meeting people.
    3) Study abroad.

  3. Barb O says:

    Things I wish I had done or had done more include: Using the Lund Center, attending Nobel Conference, Study Abroad, try classes that fit my interests, rather than my major (I probably would have changed majors!)

  4. Gerard Saylor says:

    Prompted by Barb’s comment here’s an opposite list of things I am glad I did:
    1. Regularly exercised at Lund Center.
    2. Used the library.
    3. Studied abroad in Australia.
    4. Lived in a dorm for a couple years.
    5. Played a sport.