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This is a commemorative postcard dedicated to the SS Gustavus Victory. Please note the incorrect location of the college! Photo Courtesy of ebay.com.


On this date in 1945 the SS Gustavus Victory was delivered from the shipyard to begin her service as a cargo ship during World War II. Victory ships, like the SS Gustavus Victory, were mass-produced during WWII to replace the submarine damage-prone Liberty design. 531 Victory ships were commission during WWII, 34 named after Allied Countries (during WWII), 218 named for American cities and the next 131 were named for academic institutions, like Gustavus that hosted a V-12 Navy officer training program.The SS Gustavus Victory was sold after WWII (like many mass-produced ships) and her name changed to the SANTA FE (ELMA).


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  1. Jeff Jenson says:

    There is an amazing collection concerning the SS Gustavus Victory ship held in the College Archives. A guide to the collection can be found here: https://gustavus.edu/library/archives/college/manuscripts/CAMC0069.php. Please contact the archives for additional information.