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Blast from the Past!

Recognize this building? This picture of the first Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library lobby in 1949. Built in 1948, this was the building that was the ‘Brar’ or ‘Lib’ until the current library was finished in 1972. The building is called the Anderson Social Science Center today.

Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

Please share your memories below! Gustavus is a residential college. Where did you live while you were a student? What was your favorite dorm staple (furniture, posters, food, etc…)?

Factoid Friday

Did you know… that our first mascot costume was created by an essay contest sponsored by the Campus Bookstore? In the fall of 1960, two students (Jerry Springston ’62 and Lowell Rasmussen ‘ 61) wrote the winning essay, and the college bookstore purchased a lion costume. Over the next two decades, the costume was lost […]

View from the Hill

We dropped into the Diversity Center— or “D-Center” as it is most commonly called—to visit with some students. The D-Center is a great place for students, faculty and staff to learn and work with different cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. The Center supports a variety of initiatives throughout the year that take aim at social […]

Words of Wisdom

  “A private liberal arts college in Minnesota cannot become the moral arbitrator of the world. Instead it must do what it knows how to do best, which is to educate responsible people.” President John Kendall on calls to maintain Gustavus’s South Africa divestment policy, 1989

Tuesday Trivia: Answered!

Pictured is current Gustavus professor of English Philip Bryant ’73 at his commencement ceremony.  Who is the Gustavus President with him in this picture? B. Frank Barth

Tuesday Trivia

Name this Gustie! Pictured is current Gustavus professor in English Philip Bryant ’73 at his commencement ceremony.  Who is the Gustavus President with him in this picture? Is it A. Edgar Carlson B. Frank Barth C. Edward Lindell D. John Kendall   The answer will be posted at 6:00 p.m. CST.

Blast from the Past!

This photo was snapped of an 1899 women’s physical education class. The women are using the French Delsarte system, which is a series of exercises intended to improve ones grace, poise, and beauty for participating in singing and dance performances.  Can you imagine doing a work-out wearing those long dresses?

Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

Please answer below! What is the biggest myth about Gustavus that you seem to be constantly correcting?