Words of Wisdom: Gustie Lingo Edition

Posted on June 13th, 2012 by

GUSTIE LINGO:                          (The secular language of Gusties)

Ma Young: Evelyn (Sponberg) Young ’33, food service director for 30+ years.

169: pronounced ‘one-sixty-nine,’ refers to the main highway that cuts straight through St. Peter. 169 and sometimes floods in the spring.

SAO- Student Activities Office, which oversees all student organizations on campus . “SAO desk” is really the “Information Desk” in the lower level of the Jackson Campus Center outside the Student Activities Office.

The Rock- The big rock in front of Old Main that is painted regularly by students and student groups.

The Rouser- The Gustie Rouser is the spirit song, particularly popular among the Gustie Greeters during New Student Orientation… and anytime an athlete makes any kind of play…but really Gusties need no excuse to sing The RouserThe Rouser was written by Milton Gabrielson ’34 in 1933.

GAC Backer:  a person who is an Gustavus athletics fan.


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