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Camilla Hall, early 1970s

On May 17, 1974, the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), an American left-wing urban militant group, was involved in a shoot-out with the police in Los Angeles, California. One of the SLA members who died in that shoot-out had a Gustavus connections.

Camilla Hall was born in St. Peter, Minnesota, in 1945 to George and Lorena Hall. The Hall’s worked at Gustavus, and Mrs. Hall is known for her work with the Art Department and Professor Hall taught religion. The George Hall Lecture (sponsored by the Religion Department) is named for Professor Hall.

The Hall Family and Camilla's partner, Patricia Soltysik

The family moved to Tanzania in 1952, and subsequently  back to St. Peter, and then again to the east coast before Camilla finished high school in Minneapolis. After attending just one year at Gustavus, Camilla went to the University of Minnesota to get her degree in social work.


After being a social worker in Duluth, MN, and in the Twin Cities, Hall moved to California. She became a political activist and eventually joined the SLA. She died in the shootout at the age of 29.



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