Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts Posted on March 18th, 2012 by

What was a favorite theater or dance performance you saw during your time at Gustavus? (Include the year you saw or performed in it!)



  1. Megan Myhre '11 says:

    Loved performing in the Impressario from Smyrna (2009)! Best cast ever and I loved the hip cages and corsets!
    Also loved Urinetown the Musical (2010).

  2. Samuel Grace says:

    I really enjoyed Columbinus in the fall of 2007. It was a fantastic cast and fantastic first show for Henry MacCarthy.

  3. Patrick Jeffrey says:

    I couldn’t get enough of Urinetown the Musical (2010)!! I still want a copy of the show!
    My favorite performance was Range of Motion (2010) performing “To Have and To Hold” by Shapiro and Smith.

  4. Karla Leitzman '13 says:

    I think The Arabian Nights was one of the most stunning productions Gustavus has staged in recent years. The set (which included 9 tons of sand) and the soft, flowing costumes lent themselves expertly to the skillful acting from the cast and direction from Henry MacCarthy. (2010)

  5. Jordan Klitzke says:

    I enjoyed watching and being a part of so many, it’s tough to choose. Bringing back alumni for Rob Gardner’s last show, “The Cherry Orchard” (J term 2007) was my favorite acting experience (although
    “columbinus” (fall 2007) was special on a whole other level) and I agree with Patrick that Range of Motion (2010) was one of the strongest dance concerts the school has ever put on.

  6. Patrick McDougle says:

    I really liked being ALD (Assistant Lighting Designer) for Hamlet (2011)! I got to use intelligent lighting fixtures. So cool!

  7. Ethan Bjelland '12 says:

    I had a great time in Urinetown: The Musical (J-Term 2010)! The cast was so great and the final piece was something we were all very proud of. Still, I always think the workshop productions are really fun. I’ve gotten to really appreciate the blackbox–Physical Theatre Project: Falling Awake (Fall 2009), the Musical Theatre Gallery Performances, and the opportunities I got to direct in that space–The Stronger/Den starkare (Fall 2010), Five Times God (Fall 2011)–have all be suuuuuuper exciting and experimental.

    As far as dance, I loved Range of Motion (2010), however, this last dance concert, Something Like Flight (2012), is competing for my favorite!

  8. Lydia Francis says:

    For sure being in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” and “Urinetown” JTerm musicals are always amazing at GAC!

  9. Anna Swenson says:

    I think I liked Urinetown the best. Such fun music and a very talented cast! Ooh and On Ego. How could I forget that one? Such a beautiful story that was performed beautifully.

  10. Nina Serratore says:

    I really enjoyed watching Urinetown the Musical! So funny.

    Performing in ‘Falling Awake’ (2009) needs to be noted. It was such a unique and wonderful experience with an amazing cast! That performance definitely pushed me and made me a stronger performer.

    My favorite dance concert is between Range of Motion 2010 and the Spring Dance Concert 2008. Vigorous Incubation has a special place in my heart and that cast was one to remember. I’ve never worked so long and hard at a dance and been rewarded so much from it! But we all have to agree that Range of Motion was strong, successful and brought the Gustavus dance program to a new level.

    Basically all Gustavus shows are amazing!

    There isn’t one single show or piece that I could claim as being my absolute favorite but those ones come pretty darn close.

  11. Alyssa Ringdal says:

    I have to pick just one?! Well maybe I’ll say two anyway. I loved the GAC production of Hamlet (2011). The technical aspects added an interesting dimension and the acting was impeccable. I also really enjoyed On Ego (2011). It was a beautiful reflection on relationships and life. Love.

  12. Kristen Weller (2010) says:

    To view: Urinetown (2010), Range of Motion (2009), and To Touch, To Move, To Inspire (2007), specifically “cRaCk\d” and “Touched.”

    To work on: The Other Shore (J-Term 2009), and Urinetown (2010) 🙂

  13. Bethany Ringdal says:

    The most life-changing show I’ve ever been a part of was the singularly interesting absurdist drama “The Lesson” (Fall, 2008). Not many people saw it, as each performance had an audience of only 50 and it sold out in the first day of ticket sales. It was… how shall we say? INTENSE. To perform in and, I’m told, to see. This was when I learned to take risks as an actor. But most fun? It’s gotta be Urinetown. What a hoot.