Factoid Friday

Posted on December 30th, 2011 by

Did you know…. that a Gustie helped pen a section of the G.I. Bill? C. Fred “Fritz” Hanson was a 1920 Gustavus graduate and a WWI veteran. He started his time at Gustavus in 1915, but left to fight in WWI where he was the recipient of a Purple Heart. As a marine serving in France, he began thinking that it was “unjust that some recruits received education benefits others were deprived of. “Why not give them a chance at an education when they returned home?” (Hanson as quoted in the 9-14-1948 Gustavian Weekly article). As a member of the Alexandria Legion Post #87 and serving as a department commander for the Minnesota American Legion, he proposed his ideas for educating veterans, and as support for a Veterans bill grew, his draft moved through the ranks until it was part of the bill approved by Legionnaires at a national convention and was eventually introduced to Cibgress in Washington D.C. by the National Commander.  Mr. Hanson also is well known for being a terrific athlete, his memory lives on still in the Gustavus Athletics Hall of Fame.


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