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In Gustavus history, many sororities started as literary or debating societies. The Greek community at Gustavus is now involved with philanthropic fundraising events, community service, and peer support. In total, Gustavus has been home to 12 sororities over time, with two being nationally recognized.

Alpha Phi Ro―founded in 1915; inactive after 1995; nicknamed “The Fleas.”

Beta Chi―founded in  founded as a literary society 1929; inactive in the 1950s; reorganized in 1966; inactive again in 1988.

Chi Kappa Chi―founded in 1999; inactive by 2010; known as the Chi Kaps

Delta Phi Omega―founded in 1926 as Nu Delta but renamed in 1929; known as the “Deltas” and are still active  today.

Iota Beta―founded in 1904 as Independent Blessings and  the first chartered literary society on campus; renamed in 1922 and known as “IBs”; inactive in 1968; reorganized in 1980; inactive again after 1988

Sigma Delta― founded in 1914; founded as Semore Society, a debate and literary society; renamed in 1918; inactive after 1992

Sigma Sigma Sigma―founded in 1998; nationally recognized; known as the “Sigmas” and are active today

Tau Mu Tau―founded in 1904; adopted Greek letters 1930; known as the “Tms” and are still active today

Theta Xi Gamma―founded in 1920 as  Theta Rho Literary Society; renamed in 1924 and known as the “Thetas” who are still active today

Zeta Chi Omega―founded in 1990; inactive after 1999; known as the “Zetas”

Zeta Chi Phi―founded in 2005; nationally affiliated; known as the “Zetas” and are still active today

Zeta Pi Phi―founded in 1985; inactive after 1997; known as the “Pi Phis”


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