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Factoid Friday!

In Gustavus history, many sororities started as literary or debating societies. The Greek community at Gustavus is now involved with philanthropic fundraising events, community service, and peer support. In total, Gustavus has been home to 12 sororities over time, with two being nationally recognized. Alpha Phi Ro―founded in 1915; inactive after 1995; nicknamed “The Fleas.” […]

View from the Hill

  It was a full house in 2010 in the Lund Arena for the 46th annual Nobel Conference® “Making Food Good.” For two days, Gustavus was filled with high school students and other interested people who came to hear lectures and  activities about the ethical, economic, and scientific ways we can truly make food good […]

Words of Wisdom

“It is easy to get acquainted at Gustavus Adolphus College. We hope that those of you who are new members of the College family have found that to be the case. Student and faculty counselors, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, a host of informal get-togethers, and more formal occasions have been designed to make you […]

Tuesday Trivia: Answered!

In what year did Gustavus cheerleader Milton Gabrielson ’34 write the “Gustie Rouser”? Was it: C. 1933  

Tuesday Trivia

This week’s Tuesday Trivia question is: In what year did Gustavus cheerleader Milton Gabrielson ’34 write the “Gustie Rouser”? Was it A. 1876 B. 1902 C. 1933 D.1964 The answer will be posted at 6:00 P.M. CST

Blast from the Past!

  This is a photograph looking up the hill of the Gustavus campus from 1890-1900.  What has changed in over 110 years?

Sunday-Funday Gustie Thoughts

Tell us what you think by posting your comments below!   Where was a popular hangout for you and your friends during the school year?

Factoid Friday!

In 1905, the Augustana Synod of the Lutheran Church (a predecessor to the ELCA) enforced an intercollegiate athletic ban, believing too much emphasis was being placed on athletics to the detriment of morals and academics. After strong opposition by students, the ban was lifted in 1910, except for football, which remained banned until 1917.  When […]

View from the Hill

Harvest Time at Big Hill Farm! Big Hill Farm is a student-run farm located just by the Swanson Tennis Complex (a.k.a. The Tennis Bubble). The farm grows organic vegetables and fruits that are used by Dining Services.Student workers have the opportunity to learn community, sustainability and the power of a few locally-grown veggies. Students take […]

Words Of Wisdom

GUSTIE LINGO:      (secular language known by Gusties…) Beach- The Beach used to be between the field house (basketball court) and the Annex classrooms just to the west of the North-Sorenson-Gibbs (formerly Link) Complex.  It was a great area with no wind where sun bathing could start by March. POs – Post Office Boxes, where students […]